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Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot



Building on well over 100 years of shot-making experience, Lawrence Brand Shot is designed to pattern tightly and deliver deep penetration on game, and it flows great through shotshell reloaders.  Magnum Lead Shot is made out of a high-antimony alloy that gives extra hardness and helps prevent pellet deformation at high velocities and pressures.  Graphite coating helps pellets to flow smoothly through the loader.  Sold by the bag.


Shot Types and Description:

We offer three different types of shot:

Chilled Lead Shot
Highly polished, uniformly round, accurately sized and consistently dense lead shot.
Graphite coated.

Magnum Lead Shot
Also known as, High Antimony lead shot - matches the performance of premier factory round ammunition, resulting in tight patterns, shorter strings, maximum density and greater range
Graphite coated.

Copper Plated Lead Shot
Retains more shot with less deformation, in shorter strings, at maximum velocity and penetration.  Results: uniformly superior patterns required for long-range hunting.
Wax coated.

Hard Cast Buckshot
Cast, pressed and tumbled for the tightest hunting performance. 10” pattern at 40 yards.


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